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We make it real (Operative Implementation).
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Custom Development, Software Factory, Staffing, and adaptive / corrective / perfective Maintenance, for Microsoft, SAP and Open Source technologies.

Custom Development

We differentiate ourselves through our experience, specialization and methodology, making use of patterns and layered architectures. Our service is based on the following pillars:

  • Development Methodology
  • Software Quality
  • Documentation and Code Versioning policies
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Training
  • Professionals

Plus, we complement our proposal with a complete range of post-implementation maintenance services, including the necessary infrastructure and professionals to offer remote support services in different variants.

Software Factory (Work Cells)

You can count with a team of professionals for a specific time period, which will be in charge of handling different product or service lines, depending on your needs. This effectively reduces project risks by counting with a development methodology, ensuring usage of proven best practices, and documentation / communication standards. Following ISO and CMMI recommendations.

Application Maintenance Services

This service applies to all modifications your applications need in order to correct failures (adaptive and corrective), enhance performance (perfective) or adapt the product to a change in the environment (evolutionary). We offer a process based in requirement packages, which allows to reduce costs, set accurate estimations and guarantee integrity and maintainability of your applications. Plus, processes are integrated for project administration, requirements, configuration, testing and QA.


Incorporate highly qualified professionals to your projects, experienced in complex implementations, without incrementing your organization's structure, for the specific time period you need them. With this service you can focus your own resources to strategic areas, delegating personnel management complexity in our hands, reducing operative costs and gaining flexibility. Profiles offered by Voodoo-Tech under this modality are:
  • Functional Analysts.
  • Software Architects.
  • Expert Developers.
  • Base technology / operating system consultants.
  • DBAs.
  • Networking and Security specialists.


We also offer our clients Technology and Infrastructure services
  • Workstations.
  • Wiring.
  • Servers.
  • Networking and Security.