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    We provide support services across the entire technology platform,
    including consulting, implementation, support and maintenance.
    Plus, resource training to achieve highest competitivity

  • A key success factor for a company is the relationship
    with the customer, which increases income and service
    quality, and enables centralized contact information management.
    Because of this, in order to promote and simplify this process,
    effective CRM strategies must be implemented.
    It's about using technology to organize, automate and
    synchronize business processes.
    Its main goals are:
    Find, attract and gain new clients
    Retain current clients
    Attract past clients
    Decrease marketing and client servicing costs
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    Database Solutions
    Administration & Tuning


Incorporate highly qualified professionals to your projects, experienced in complex implementations, without incrementing your organization's structure, for the specific time period you need them. With this service you can focus your own resources to strategic areas, delegating personnel management complexity in our hands, reducing operative costs and gaining flexibility.

Custom Software Development

We differentiate ourselves through our experience, specialization and methodology, making use of patterns and layered architectures. Plus, we complement our proposal with a complete range of post-implementation maintenance services, including the necessary infrastructure and professionals to offer remote support services in different variants.

Software Factory (Work Cells)

You can count with a team of professionals for a specific time period, which will be in charge of handling different product or service lines, depending on your needs. This effectively reduces project risks by counting with a development methodology, ensuring usage of proven best practices, and documentation / communication standards. Following ISO and CMMI recommendations.

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  • "They [Google] say they are going to organize the world’s information. Well, we don’t think that is our job. We think you need to get tools to editors and subject experts to let them organize the world’s information."Bill Gates
  • "We are made to a customer who can differentiate the good from the bad. And if we do not meet your expectations, it is totally our fault, plain and simple."Steve Jobs