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Who we are

Our history

We have come a long way, which was both difficult and plenty of satisfactions. Gathering together the most skilled professionals and having the highest commitment for the passion that joins us. Today we are excited to communicate that we have created Voodoo-Tech. A technology company which sets out to be above average. We strive to transform our customers problems in solutions, armed with our experience and knowledge.

Since more than 10 years we have participated in different projects and diverse market areas both locally and globally, which today provide us with vision, capability and competitivity.

Voodoo-Tech offers to R+D areas: Staffing, Software Factory and Custom Development services, for Microsoft | SAP | Android & iPhone. With regards to IT it offers Hosting solutions, Cloud Computing, support and hardware administration.

Team training in tools, technologies, and methodologies (CMMI | Agile).

Luis Guzman. Nicolas Arroyo Alejandro Bindi
Co-Founder. Co-Founder. Co-Founder.